We are celebrating 25 years in business
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    Foam, Polyurea & Coatings

    from entry-level models to high-output systems, there’s a Reactor proportioning system that’s perfect for your specific application.

    Designed with the user in mind, the advanced features in the Reactor system provide the ultimate coating solution.

    Polyurethane Foam applications

    Wall insulation

    Tank and pipe coating

    Roof insulation

    In-plant OEM Rim and band joist Which system is right for you?

    Graco Reactor proportioner's are available with air, electric or hydraulic pumps. Each system has its own unique benefits: Glas-Craft (UK) Ltd is a member of the British Urethane Foam Contractors Association (BUFCA) and as such is committed to providing high standards of Equipment, Quality and Service. Furthermore we constantly strive to promote professionalism and industry development.

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    Gelcoat spray

    Raising the bar for high-performance FRP equipment Engineered with industry-proven Graco components, Graco FRP Proportioners and RS™ applicator guns provide you with a system that is technologically advanced, durable and long lasting, and affordable.

    Ratio assurance

    As you know, not enough catalyst in the mix creates soft spots that take longer to cure. With Graco FRP Proportioners, you’re assured of a consistent ratio for a consistent cure – resulting in higher quality parts and end products. In fact, the system is optimized for ratio stability.

    Lower cost of ownership • Easy maintenance – fewer repair parts • Long-lasting seals mean less downtime for maintenance • Pumps last longer between planned maintenance • No surge bottle necessary – less parts, less solvent,and less resin needed to prime the pump

    Typical applications:

    • Marine and watercraft • Pool and spa • Bathware • Transportation • Cultured marble

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    Air Powered Mixers

    Glascraft supply a large range of air powered mixers for 25ltr,200ltr,1 tonne tanks (IBC)

    With different size/powered mixer head/air motors for low to high viscosity materials our mixers condition your material efficiently.

    All stainless steel wet end on the mixers which will cover most materials in the composite and other industries.

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    Laminating Rollers

    Glascraft are the UK supplier of the ES Manufacturing fibreglass laminating rollers started with deluxe, bolt on collared design. The Quick Release fibreglass laminating rollers is the world’s standard when using acetone replacements. We have now added Quick Change design as an easy to use push-on pull-off design.

    the ES range also manufactures 1/4" mini fibreglass laminating rollers, detail fibreglass laminating rollers and economy fibreglass laminating rollers. These work great to get the air out of small radii. The paddle wheel, slotted paddle and bubble buster fibreglass laminating rollers also do a great job of getting the air out.

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